Crystals help to heal The Body (physically), The Mind (mentally & emotionally) and The Spirit (spiritually). How does this happen? To understand how Crystals heal the human body we must understand the energetic nature behind Crystals and Gemstones. Crystals emit high vibrations (known as fortifying geometries) that allow you the opportunity to obtain greater health & consciousness. For example, on a Mental Level you can learn how to express you emotions and overcome anxieties. On a Physical Level Crystals heal and regulate the internal organs. On a Spiritual Level, Crystals can shed enlightenment and open the mind to the unseen nature of life.

Humans and Crystals are both made out of atoms with a vast atomic structure. The primary use for Crystals can be best explained as Spiritual Tools, Life Force Generators, Light Projectors, Record Keepers, Frequency Balancers, Etc… But although Crystals can do a great deal on their own account, they need the guidance of human consciousness to fulfill their true purpose. The moment we establish trust & believe in the healing energies within Crystals will be the moment we experience the healing energies housed within Crystals. The science of how Crystals work is mainly through the use of Sacred Geometries, Colors, Vibrations, and The Quality of Light. These aspects are all highly important to note as they enhance & strengthen the electrical attributes of the Electromagnetic “Human Energy Field.”

What is the “Human Energy Field?”, What is the “Electromagnetic Human Energy Field?”, What is the “Biomagnetic Energy Field?”, What is the “Auric Field?” In case you are wondering what these fields all have in common, it’s the fact that they are all referring to the same truths! These fields are all simply a name man used to describe ‘The Spirit.’

The Human Body has an Invisible “Human Energy Field” that pulsates around it at all times. This is mainly created by over 100 Magnetic Chakras located within the human body with thousands of energetic cells and channels. Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Romans all new about the “Human Energy Field” and the healing effects that Crystals had on the “Human Energy Field.”

When we have a weak “Human Energy Field,” we attract negativity towards us, versus a strong “Human Energy Field” we attract positivity and abundance. This is also showing us how the “Law of Attraction” works through our actions and thoughts, whatever energies we put out into the Universe will be the energies we receive back from the Universe. Our “Human Energy Field” stores & filters all thoughts and actions we have so not only is it important that we guard our “Human Energy Field” from our own negative thinking & thought patterns. But also everything around us in our daily lives effects our “Human Energy Field,” and this is due to other nearby “Energy Fields” we come into contact with such as Other People, Cell Phones, Microwaves, Radios, Televisions and even flying in an airplane high in the sky or diving deep into a body of water. Again, this is all due to the fact that every object, person, place, or thing, has an “Energy Field!” The Moon has an Energy Field that interacts with the Earths Energy Field, which pulls and pushes the tides of the seas!

The “Human Energy Field” is an invisible body (or Etheric Body) of “The Spirit” which connects humanity together as one. So, in essence, we are surrounded by Spirit and/or Spirituality. Spirit lives in all of us and all around us, you may not be able to see “Spirit” clearly but you can certainly feel it. So what’s the meaning behind our explanation on the “Human Energy Field?” The meaning is too shed a light on the benefits that Crystals provide for protecting and strengthening the “Human Energy Field.” Energy passes through one “Energy Field” to another, if one has a crack or tear in their “Energy Field,” negativity can pierce directly through and cause emotional damage. Crystals help to protect the “Human Energy Field” from negative energies preventing harm and/or “Energetic Bleeding.” The “Human Energy Field” can Bleed with Depression, Anger, Outburst, Drug Abuse, Ego Imbalances, Medications, Etc..

First, The 7 Core Chakras must be aligned with a certain level of Physical, Mental and Emotional awareness obtained in order to ensure a strong “Human Energy Field” is emitting. There are numerous ways to heal and protect the “Human Energy Field” and Crystals are one of the many natural resources provided through Mother Earth. Crystals also adapt to an individuals frequency, while clearing blockages in the Chakras and uplifting vibrations for a better Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual state of mind.

The human body is like a faucet valve with energy flowing through it at all times, and depending on our thoughts, intentions, and actions determines our vibrational frequency. As we know everything happens in the mind first before it manifests into the physical realm of existence. So by the usage of Healing Crystals & Gemstones, you will proactively protect your “Human Energy Field” allowing for only positive energies and vibrations to manifest into the physical realm. We can all learn a great deal from Chakras, Crystals, and Gemstones as we seek to live in harmony with our own natures and the natures of planet earth.

Thank You For Rocking With Us!- CCG


Published by Chakra Crystals Gemstones

CCG is dedicated to teaching love. Specializing in Astro-Psychology & Cosmology with an emphasis on resolving generational conflicts & patterns. We offer 'Mental Therapy Consultations & Reports' that provide a thorough comprehension of emotionally and mentally based traumas and phobic responses. CCG has a long term focus to introduce a new academic field of study that includes a more modern use of Psychology, Astronomy, and Astrology.

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